Cast List

Charlotte’s Web

Cast List


Thank you to everyone who auditioned!  Information night and read through will be at 6:00PM on Tuesday September 8th. Please be ready to fill out forms and pay fees. The location for the readthrough is yet to be determined so please watch Facebook or the website for an update.





Jordan Mattson

John Arable

Karl Brown

Martha Arable

Sara Evans

Avery Arable

Jack Speltz

Homer Zuckerman

Dan Stephans

Edith Zuckerman

Linda Hayen


Nick Hayes


Katherine McCall


Jeff Bryant


Erin Sipe


Natalie Dekker


Jim Christenson


Harry Algyer

Lamb #1

Bella Heaney

Lamb #2

Audrey Klein




Jurvis Ozols

Announcer/loudspeaker voice (Also a Farm Animal leader with Spiders)

Gretchen Tate

Narrator 1

Kimberly Bergan

Narrator 2

Gabriela Leovan

Narrator 3

Melanie Schmidt

Farm Family #1 / Fairgoers Family #1

*Kristina Zerwas

Abigail Fouberg

Joshua Bergan

Ellie Runchey

Anna Clausen

Farm Family # 2/ Fairgoers Family #2

*Lauren Frank

Sevi Malone

Daniel Bergan

Sophia Hauser

Nora Renner

Farm Family #3 / Fairgoers Family #3

*Samantha Morrell (not accepted yet)

Zachary Schabert

Nathan Niska

Sabella Malone

Rhyan Rangel

Farm Family #4 /

Fairgoers Family #4

*Rebecca Kyllonen

Nico Rivera

Kiera Niska

Grace Galbus

Noelle Netz

Farm Family(with the Gretchen Tate’s group)  and Fairgoer

Joey Atkinson

Spider #1

Olivia Rangel

Spider #2

Ella Carlson

Spider #3

Harper Rae Hutchison

Spider #4

Megan Norris

Spectator #1

Kristina Zerwas

Spectator #2

Lauren Frank




Joyce and Don Arneson


Charlotte's Web Auditions

Auditions for the Prior Lake Players' Fall Show, Charlotte's Web will be held Monday 8/24 and Tuesday 8/25 from 6-9PM at Holy Trinity United Methodist Church (16150 Arcadia Ave Prior Lake, MN).

The show will be directed by Kay Dunning and Lee Gillis with Gabrielle Stephans assisting.

We are looking at a cast of around 30 people. 16 - 20 of those will be for adults, with 10 or so being open for kids who are 7 and above. Auditioners do not need to have anything prepared as audition materials will be provided. Please come with an idea of your schedule for Sept. / Oct. so we know ahead of time what the conflicts will be.